I have no reason to persuade you to read this blog. I wish I did, but I really can’t see a reason for you to bother entering the head of an 18 yr old New York college student. But hey, if that’s your thing stick around. If I had to self describe myself right now it’d go something like this- Bridget Jones trapped in the body of a teen with a non existent love life, a self proclaimed ‘weirdo’ who loves nothing more than 5 shots of tequila with a group of the best girl gang (that made me sound like an alcoholic, im not…just once in a while) If you watch the UK’s ‘Inbetweeners’, that show is an accurate depiction of my life so far. I love B+J (Ben + Jerry’s not blowjobs) and have a knack for fried chicken and sweet potatoes. Seriously, sweet potatoes are life. So yeah, if any of that crap I just wrote sounds appealing, I think you and me will get on just fine. Lots of love xxx